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Registration or Account creation

How do i create an account on GoNomadhq?

Visit our website: https://gonomadhq.com/
For an account to be created on GoNomadhq, then click on the ‘Start my company’ button and you will be redirected to the sign up page.

Do i have to be a resident of the UK/US before i can incorporate my business/company?

You do not have to be physically present in the UK/US before you can incorporate your business/company, that is you can own a company in the US/UK as a non-resident.

Requirements for registering a business/company in the UK/US.

Basically, the requirements for registering a business/company are your company’s information such as Name, Industry, Company Description, Local phone number, Company website and Company social media handles.

Also, the personal information of the founder(s), as the case may be, includes Owner’s full name, Owner’s email, Owner’s phone number, ID document (international passport and NIN slip), Address and proof of address (bank statement or utility bill).

*Note:* Any founder that owns 20% or more equity in the company would also need to provide the personal information above. Single owner/founder companies are also accepted.


How long does the incorporation process take?

The incorporation process takes 8-10 business days.

Incorporation Tracking.

How do i track the progress of my business/company registration process?

The progress of your business/company’s registration can be tracked by logging in into your GoNomad account and checking your dashboard. All clients have access to their dashboards for regular updates.

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