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Getting Started

Do i have to be resident to incorporate a business or company? No, you do not have to be a resident to incorporate your company in the UK/US. Requirements for registering a business/company in the UK/US. Basically, the requirements for registering a business/company are your company’s information such as Name, Industry, Company Description, Local phone …

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Updating Incorporation Details

Filing for Amendments Amendments filing means updating, adding to or removing information such as adding of shareholders, changing company’s addresses e.t.c from the existing incorporation details. It attracts additional fees.


What are the requirements for setting up a PayPal Business account? The requirements for setting up a Paypal business account are: US registered company and EIN (Tax ID), Valid international passport and US ITIN (the equivalent of SSN for non-residents). Duration What is the timeline for PayPal Business account setup? Setting up a Paypal Business …

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Tax Filing

Tax obligations as a non-resident. Most non-residents believe that they are not entitled to pay taxes for their US/UK registered business/company as they do not reside in the country. This is far from the truth because your company operates in the country. However, as your business operations are remote, chances are that you would not …

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Stripe Set-up

Can a Stripe account work for multiple businesses? A Stripe account cannot work for multiple businesses. It is advisable that the new business/company is incorporated to avoid being flagged and blocked by Stripe. In essence, a company incorporation means one Stripe setup. Setting up multiple Stripe accounts for one business. A Stripe account cannot work …

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Pricing or Cost implication

What is the price tag for incorporating my business or company? The pricing is $499. Instalmental payment Can I make instalmental payment? You can make payment using our instalmental payment plan partners(Klump/Zilla). This can be done by signing up using the Klump/Zilla gateway via the GoNomad website and you will be redirected to their requirements. …

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Registration or Account creation How do i create an account on GoNomadhq? Visit our website: https://gonomadhq.com/For an account to be created on GoNomadhq, then click on the ‘Start my company’ button and you will be redirected to the sign up page. Do i have to be a resident of the UK/US before i can incorporate …

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What is GoNomadhq.com? GoNomadhq helps to incorporate your business/company in the US/UK within 8-10 business days making your business/company to operate as a global entity. Why choose us? GoNomad’s clients enjoy the fastest incorporation process timeline, with incomparables deliverables, hassle free process and free consultation (before and after the incorporation process) Who is eligible to …

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